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Savage wear production is a local brand that embraces different lifestyles and the brand was established in November 2016 in a small town called East London in the Eastern Cape. The brand decided to use the name Savage because it easily describes a person and their lifestyle by showing their character.

When we started off the brand we were only focusing on the Youth because of the stages that they face such as peer pressure. Since we are developing as a brand and due to demands, we decided to produce a different design for the t-shirts and we changed our logo and added the Eiffel tower on the t-shirts, caps and the packaging bag. Our four main colors are black, grey, white and pink.

Leading clothing wear production that reaches people’s desire through different level of styles in life.

To respond to demand of different people, different cultures and dynamic economics through provision of innovative clothing

Embrace different lifestyles and build relation throughout our brand

We want to own a store or join a clothing store and be the best local brand in Eastern Cape and in Gauteng and when the production achieves that we want to move on and be the best local brand in South Africa.
Our key to success includes the commitment quality by every person who is part of the team.

Savage Wear Production produces wear such as T-shirts, jackets, jersey, dresses and caps. The wear is designed by the company and we try our best to differ from other brands and we do that by having different patterns and wear that you can wear during winter and summer and we deliver nationwide.

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